Discover the Joy of Piano!

Making music on the piano brings joy...

There's nothing like coming home after a long day to settle down for some one-on-one time with the piano. It unwinds your nerves, rebuilds your confidence, and makes your spirits soar like nothing else. My wife tells me it makes me 'more human'.

Whether you're just getting started, or whether you are an old pro, this wonderful instrument can be a source of joy in your life - but only if it's working properly and you have what you need to truly enjoy it.

My goal in building this site is to give you everything you need, right here, so you don't have to go all over the internet looking for it.

  • Is it time for a tuning? Got some things that maybe aren't working quite right? Need other maintenance? Please see my Piano Care pages where you can go to learn more about the services I provide.
  • Wanting to learn some new music? I'll help you find it. I've recently put up pages where you can find and download sheet music. While you're at it, you can read about some of your favorite music and how it became famous.
  • Ready to learn to play the piano? I can get you started right here on my website, with no cost or commitment up front - all you have to do is read and give it a try!
  • Need lessons? I can recommend some good teachers. If you are a piano teacher, contact me, and I'll list your business for free.
  • Looking to buy? Let me give you some 'know before you go' shopping tips... As I am able, I'll put up pages to guide you. I'll help you find a good salesman to do business with. I'll give you some ways to weed out ones you probably won't want to buy from.
  • Want to know what brands technicians prefer and why? Stay tuned... I'll soon be adding that too.

As a technician, I can offer advice on what brands and models to look at, how to get the best service, things to watch out for when you're shopping... I can give you some things to think about before you make a purchase. Last but not least, I can give you the service you need.

If you have a question for me, post it on my Trent Smith Piano Tuning page on Facebook. Chances are, I may have already answered your question there, but if I haven't, others will benefit and will appreciate you asking.

These are just a few of the things I'll be putting on my website, so please... feel free to look around, and keep coming back to see what's new!


Piano Teacher Discount

Piano teachers who refer me can get steep discounts, based on number of referrals.

Referral Discount

Do you know anybody besides you that needs their piano tuned? Get a $5 discount for every person you refer. People you referred need to get their appointment scheduled before you can claim the discount. Refer enough people, and I'll tune your piano for free!

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Trent Smith
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More than 10,000 pianos tuned! (1997-2014)


To schedule an appointment, call Simply Grand Pianos/Vintage Piano Works in Georgetown, Indiana.

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